Fair Employment Week 2016

[boilerplate from WUFA]

Happy Fair Employment Week!

Students, I am writing to encourage you to become involved/engaged in CAUT’s 2016 Fair Employment Week (Oct. 24th-28th). 

WUFA will be holding a Fair Employment Booth 

Where: CAW Centre (In front of the bookstore kiosk).

When: Thursday Oct. 27th (10am-1pm)

Why: Advocate for good academic jobs on our campus

There will be: cake, coffee, buttons, and postcards to share. Hope to see you tomorrow

How can you contribute?

Sign these pledges:



1) Utilize social media (Facebook/twitter) to engage with the campaign, promote our event, and facilitate public conversation.

2) Visit our booth–bring friends, and invite your friends/fellow students to do the same.

Please Note: even if you can only visit the booth for a quick photo to post to your networks–this advocacy is incredibly important, so please do stop by. 

Here are some additional resources:






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